Afghanistan: No country for young women

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Sonia Sarwari is a celebrity in Afghanistan. Turn the TV on any given day, and her face is bound to sooner rather than later. The 20 year old has been in countless adds, music videos TV series and recently signed five films with a major production company—the first one to emerge after the fall of the Taliban regime, which had banned acting, music and television.

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Military goods from inside the wire end up in Bagram Bazar

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When War is your primary commodity, almost everything becomes expensive. Recently a young Afghan man told me about his own version of the dutch disease -- weddings. Such a fundamental rite of passage has spiraled to around 20 thousand dollars a pop here. It is the consequence of an economy flushed with cash, and skewed towards bullets and military build up.

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Greek chaos provides opening for far-right party

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(CBS News) ATHENS, Greece - The first time the leader of Greece's far-right political party Golden Dawn was given a platform and a microphone, his words shocked a continent.

(Watch a report at left)

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