March 2013

The invisible enemy in Fukushima Prefecture

Japan is marking the one-year anniversary of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that unleashed the world's worst nuclear crisis in a quarter- century. We went to the heart of the disaster area, Fukushima, close to the nuclear reactor that melted down, releasing radioactive Cesium into the atmosphere. Farmers spoke to us about their concerns, and in small towns we saw frightened communities, monitoring the radiation contained in their food products.

canoe ride with Kuna tribe

Great memories from our trip to Kuna Yala. The panamanian Archipelago known as San Blas in Spanish is controlled by the Kuna tribe. Producer Kavitha Chekuru got us access to film there.

Tokio, Shibuya crossing

Masses of people walk through the Shibuya crossing every day. The crowds are thick with people trying to quickly reach the other end of the street. We wanted to capture what it felt to be within a highly populated metropolis, on camera, unfortunately every single shot people would shy away.

A conversation with Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned in Private Bradley Manning

March 2011

“I will talk to you on camera under one condition: I won’t give you an address of where I live, and all driving directions must be over the phone, nothing can be written in a computer." These were Adrian Lamo’s words in response to my request for an interview. The 29-year-old Colombian-American ex-hacker gave alleged Wikileaks source Private Bradley Manning over to authorities. Ever since then he has become one of the most hated figures in cyberspace, receiving all types of threats, with “different degrees of credibility” according to him.